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The Truth Never Set Me Free

So I Did It Myself

A bit of a Music Slump
I've been thinking lately how I used to love to listen to full CDs. Don't get me wrong, I love having all of my music in one place so I can quickly scroll through and put on whatever my heart desires without searching for a CD and changing it out if I'm not in the mood. However, lately I've been finding that I don't listen to the full album by an artist any more and I feel like sometimes you really miss out on something great if you don't listen to all of the songs together.

For instance, I got the new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs, back in July and listened to a couple of tracks randomly here and there. I enjoyed the new songs but was rather meh about it altogether. However, today I sat down and actually listened to the whole album together and I have to admit, it's pretty amazing.

I've been in a kind of meh mood in general when it comes to music lately. You know when you skip through twenty songs, listen to about a minute or so of a song and then decide it's not what you want so you scroll through again. That's what the last week or so has been for me. I'm just not in the mood for anything maybe or perhaps it's that I have too much music. *snorts*, not really possible as I love music but I have A LOT of music and perhaps my mood is so specific that most of it won't do.

I have some go to albums, and lately I've been feeling nostalgic so I've been listening to a lot of stuff that was on constant repeat when I was in college. Specifically The Used - In Love and Death, a vast variety of Motion City Soundtrack, Something Corporate, Death Cab for Cutie with a bit of Kansas thrown in since I saw them on Monday.

I'd be interested to know what anyone else is currently listening to, or if perhaps, like me, you have an album or two that you go back to whenever you're in a music slump like mine.

Now I should really go and do something productive...

We Sleep All Day
Lately I feel like I could lay in bed all day. The last few nights I've woken up around five or six in the morning, stayed up for about an hour before falling back to sleep. After that I usually wake up around 9 but then lay in bed till at least ten. Most days I feel like I'd rather just stay in bed all day. It's probably a good thing that it's been unbearably hot around here and therefore I force myself to get up.

I actually have some things to accomplish today. I'm having people over tonight for Nacho Night as a belated celebration of my birthday as I was in Traverse City for the occasion and didn't get to spend the time with all of my friends. Basically everyone is bringing an ingredient and then we're throwing them all together for some yummy nachos. I don't know what we'll do after that, bonfire perhaps if it doesn't rain, stay in and have a few drinks while playing some games perhaps or go and hit up a bar. So at some point today I have to clean up the house a bit.

Tomorrow is the Paramore/Tegan and Sara/New Found Glory concert that I've had tickets for since around April or May. I'm going with my friend Jessica and my cousin Jen. It's relatively close compared to the last one which was in Grand Rapids (about 2 hours away). I'm really looking forward to it, it'll be an amazing show I'm sure.

Well I suppose I should get cleaning as I know I'll take about 50,000 breaks in between it all.

Not to be outdone
So Addie (my other kitty) has been bugging me nonstop today. It's as if she knew that I posted a picture of Mags yesterday and she's jealous.

So here she isCollapse )

First I'd like to say hello to my new friends *waves*. This is my little corner of the internet and I'm trying my best to make it more interesting...

I got a call back for a customer service job that I'm not really interested in but I need the money. I applied to a tennis club this morning, making sure that they knew my soon-to-be ex-roommate is a tennis fanatic so I can tap him for all kinds of knowledge. I wouldn't mind sitting at a desk all day and directing people to where they need to go.

I'm trying to arrange a few meetings for the movie so that it can get up and on it's feet. For the newbies, I'm a filmmaker trying to get my first feature length project up and running. I'm really excited about the story and am confident that we can turn it into something great if given the right resources (namely funding). I'm kind of keeping the plot secret right now, at least until the script is finished. It's going to be a horror/thriller as they're super cheap and relatively easy (well compared to everything else in the filmmaking realm) to make. I hope to have the teaser trailers shot by the end of the month and will post them as they are finished.

Now to possibly get something accomplished...or at least get out of my pajamas.

Also, as a side note, I'm getting excited for Autumn. It is my favorite season and I'm really sick of this sweltering summer we've been having. That is all.

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And because she won't leave me alone today and is distracting me with her cuteness I give you my dog/cat MaggieCollapse )

TCFF update, finally
So I promised a review of the movies I saw at the film fest and now that I have a little time and have found my ticket stubs I can provide that. I didn't see many this year, only 7 when I typically see around 15 or so. It was weird not spending my entire week in the theaters watching movies, but the movies I did see were pretty great.

My ReviewsCollapse )

Hotdog fingers?
After spending a good portion of my days lately applying for jobs and watching shows like 'Work of Art' on Bravo, I've realized that if there's one thing all creative people have in common, it's that we're good at BSing. I don't know if it comes from wanting to sound intelligent when we discuss other art, or defending our own work but we are all really good at pulling all kinds of amazing crap out of no where.

Although I can appreciate the art of BS and I'm pretty good at it, it doesn't make writing stupid cover letters any easier. I already hate doing a resume, I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if my computer wasn't still crapping out on me and I could load my Adobe programs to make it a little more visually stunning. But having to go above and beyond to do a cover letter for a job that you're not really interested in in the first place...it seriously exhausts me.

Today I think I've applied for about five or six jobs, including one in photography. I've never taken a class or anything, but a lot of first projects in college were designed to show that you were capable of composing a nice shot. Plus, most of actually shooting something is to make sure that you have a great shot. It's really the only thing that I've applied to thus far that I'm even a little interested in.

I was supposed to meet with someone today to discuss doing sales for a video production company but let's just say that I did not have a good morning so I had to reschedule for next week. It's solely based on commission and I hate sales, but at least there's video involved and I might be decent and selling something that I actually care about. And, who knows, perhaps something might happen and I'd get to move to actually doing some production work.

Speaking of production work, the company I help shoot commercials with has 8 bids out right now, including one out of state so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at least one of those pans out. I love working on sets even if I'm just standing around sweating like crazy.

And I'm still working on ensuring that I can shoot something this weekend. I went out and got the memory card I need to record on today and I looked up how to make fake blood and fake fingers. Now if I could just get the rest of the things I need and it doesn't rain, this might actually work out. I will probably try and go out to my uncle's boat, which is our location, to work out the logistics tomorrow if it doesn't rain and then spend the rest of the day figuring out the camera a bit more. I'm just super excited to be doing something involving my (hopefully) future career.

Oh, and to explain the title of this entry a bit, besides 'The Office' reference, you can apparently make fake fingers out of hotdogs. I shall experiment tomorrow.

Live every week like it's shark week
Back from vacation and I'm already feeling like I could use another one.

It was a beautiful week filled with great movies, which I will be reviewing later when I have a bit more brain capacity. I got the call on Friday that my camera had arrived so my mom picked it up for me and Phil and I stopped on the way home to get it. Yeah, I'm pretty excited to finally have it.

Dan and I got a lot accomplished for the movie during the week. We finally managed to write/plan the teaser trailer and get a major piece of the plot decided. It's both exciting and intimidating to have everything coming along. I'm excited that we're getting things accomplished and getting closer to being able to shoot this thing, but at the same time I keep thinking 'holy crap, we're actually going to have to shoot this thing'.

I'm hoping to get one of the five parts of the teaser shot this weekend. We came up with five 'shorts' that will make up the entire teaser, but each one could be taken separately if we wanted them too. I really like the ideas that we've come up with and hope that they won't be too difficult to shoot and edit. I promise to post some extras here as they become available. Any criticisms we can get would be welcomed.

And now, to play with my camera a bit. I'm exhausted and need to get to bed early as I have an interview tomorrow. The place I interviewed with before I left hired me, but after doing more research into the company I found that they were quasi-shady and I probably would have to put out more money than I would actually make so I'm not going to do it.

Also, it's my second favorite week of the year, Shark Week started on the Discovery Channel last night. I love sharks.

Quick Update
Third night in Traverse City for our annual visit to the film festival. I've only seen one movie thus far, Twister, last night at the open space. I'm not seeing as many movies this year, only 8 when usually I see about 15 or so which means my days are relatively free. Like today I didn't see any movies so I stayed behind and watched movies here.

The movie is coming along nicely. I don't want to say too much until we have more planned but we did get some major decisions made. Now if we could only decide on a short teaser trailer to post up on kickstarter.

I suppose that's it for now, nothing too exciting I know. I'll try to post reviews for the movies I see, but it probably won't happen till after I get home on Monday.

Words are dead
I've been doing a lot of work on the movie over the last couple of days. I swear with everything that I'm getting done, I can think of about ten more things that need to be done. I'm making lists and trying to keep everything straight, but it's pretty stressful. I'm seeing Dan, the scriptwriter, this weekend and hoping that he's come up with an idea for a short trailer because I seriously got nothing. All this thinking as gotten me exhausted.

Also, because I'm a music freak and always trying to discover new bands, I thought I might offer a recommendation to anyone who's looking for some new music. Horse Feathers is a band I discovered back in April and I've been listening to them as much as possible ever since. They're folksy and what the kids call slow-coustic and simply amazing.

The songs are beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking and I can't just listen to one. I typically end up listening to all three CDs every time I just put one song on. If you're interested in checking them out, last.fm is offering a song of theirs for free here. It's definitely one of my faves and worth a listen if you have three minutes and thirty one seconds that you can give up in your busy day.

It's all happening
What a long, exhausting weekend. I went with Phil to Kalamazoo so that I could accompany he and Dan to Traverse City to purchase the Film Fest tickets. I was told that me not going was not an option so we're working out the details. I'm not seeing as many movies as I'm used to. In previous years I saw about 15 or more and this year I'll only be seeing 8 or 9 I think. It'll be weird only having one or two showings a day when I'm used to at least three and four.

We got up yesterday at 10 AM and did some stuff around town while discussing what movies we were going to see and what we can do to get our own project going. We left for Traverse at about 1 AM, none of us even bothered to nap which probably wasn't a great idea. I managed to sleep for a good portion of the 3 hour ride, but let's face it, sleeping in the car isn't great sleep. We arrived at the box office just before 4 and were the first in line. The next lady didn't arrive until 5 and then by 6:30ish people were showing up pretty steadily. The line was pretty long, wrapping around the buildings and back down two more streets. We kept having people ask what time we showed up, which got pretty annoying.

Phil caught some sleep in the car as he drove but Dan and I were troopers and stayed up. It didn't feel that long sitting there. We each brought puzzle books and I had my iPod to keep me occupied. We got our tickets fairly quickly, went to House of Doggs and then headed back to Kalamazoo. I was out before we even hit the freeway and woke up just as we were reaching Kzoo. I drove home so that Phil could get some sleep as he was getting a little loopy. I am now exhausted and am just hoping that I can make it through True Blood.

In more exciting news, it looks like I'll be getting my camera tomorrow. There was a guy filming crowd shots for the film fest, and he was using the camera I want. I was super tempted to jump him and take it, but I managed to refrain. Dan and I have the basics of what we want to do as far as story, so all we need to do now is sit down and write the script. Actually, the first thing we will be doing is getting something ready to post on kickstarter. I really hope we can get the funds for this thing.

So although I feel like I could fall asleep sitting here whilst typing, I'm pretty excited about the camera. I think if I wasn't so exhausted I'd probably be bouncing off the walls.